Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little Overboard?

You already know I love caffeine! More specifically, I'm a huge fan of nearly every energy drink that I can get my hands on. But when I piled together my empty cans for the past few weeks, I started wondering if I was going a little overboard...

Conquered Energy Cans

I was also shocked when my small energy drink/caffeine storage began to only has 5-hour energy shots (I love those!), Monster, Monster Hitman, Amp, Rockstar, Energy 2000, Energy Mints, Crave Energy Drink, and NRG (a cheap energy drink powder).

Energy Storage

Although I love energy drinks so much, I am seeing the need to limit my intake of them a little more. :P What are your thoughts? Are you an energy drink addict, or do you have a suggestion for another energy drink that I haven't yet tried? ;) Let me know!