Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Equal Opportunity?

Some basic thoughts of mine on the topic of homosexuality:

According to the Bible, both homosexuality (Romans 1:26-32) and stealing (Exodus 20:15) are condemned as sin. One may argue that to speak against homosexuals is judgmental, since they have "needs," and that they deserve equal opportunity. However, according to that logic, I also can argue that to speak against stealing is judgmental, since thieves also have needs, and they deserve equal opportunity as well. Wouldn't it only be fair to leave one of your windows open at night, with a ladder reaching to it, to allow for the needs of the thief to be met, and to allow equal opportunity for them? Allowing for unlawfulness is not equal opportunity at all, but rather a provision for wickedness to exist. The difference between what God says is evil and that which man decides is evil, is that man judges based on that which he thinks would harm him as an individual, or what would collectively harm that of which he is part of. But God judges evil based that which goes against His law, that which harms mankind both physically and spiritually.


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