Saturday, March 12, 2011

Introduction to Metal

Ok, so I know most of you are really skeptical of metal. The metal kind of music, that is. Well, about this time last year, I felt the same way. Roaring to the music just seemed kind of, I don't know, overkill. After all, why can't you just sing to the music? Well, I heard music from a band called Demon Hunter, and I only liked one song: "Not Ready To Die." After listening to it a few dozen times, I ventured to hear the rest of the album...and then the rest of their albums...and then other Christian artists of similar styles. Now, as a metal fanatic, I can tell you that it definitely has an acquired taste.

The thing that I like so much about metal, is that it is highly influential. The lyrics are screamed, making them quite effective in getting to the listeners. Not only that, but Christian metal is an effective outlet for fans of secular metal artists to hear the truth. Of course, I am not supportive of the artists that claim to be Christian without reflecting it in their lyrics.

Now that you've heard my propoganda, here is my favorite song ever! "Not Ready To Die!"


  1. I absolutely LOVE this song! I agree with what you very eloquently said about metal. It's not for everyone, but often you can find the most Christian lyrics in rap and metal. And that is a really good reason to support such artists!

    I love this blog! Keep up the good work, Mike!

  2. I'm not a big metal fan (don't really like the screaming too much), but I love this song, because the chorus is so good! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. You are certainly right about this kind of music being a good outlet to those influenced by that genre. They might never hear otherwise!

    I, on the other hand, had NO idea what the guy was saying!

    However, I did hear heavy metals are bad for our bodies. ;) Joke! I will stop...

  4. pablo from twitterMarch 12, 2011 at 9:47 PM

    That is an awesome blog about metal, even though i love metal!

  5. Thanks y'all for commenting!

    @Renee Thanks for the kind words. I LOVE the song too! :D

    @Miss Szymanski No problem. I hope that someday, you too will become a lover of metal. Haha! Kidding!

    @The Other Alice Very true...about the first part anyway. :D After about 15 times of hearing the song, I guessed correctly almost all the words. I also heard about metal being bad for our bodies, however, I believe it is because of the electromagnetic radiation dispelled from the speakers rather than the genre. Haha, I heard that was dangerous, anyway. :D

    @Pablo Hey, man! Cool, and glad to hear that! Thanks for commenting!

  6. know how I feel about the screaming.....but actually this one isn't that bad! I LOVE the chorus!!! It is the best part! I am gonna try to keep listening to it so I can understand it and maybe eventually LOVE the whole song! Great Job on the post! :)

  7. Thanks, CoUrTnEy! Glad you like it. :)

  8. Metal isn't really my thing, but this song wasn't too bad. And the chorus was really good!

  9. Yeah, that's what I was thinking a year ago! :)
    Thanks for commenting!

  10. I am the old fogie here lol...I don't care for metal anymore. I used to when I was a teenager but the metal wasn't Christian music. I have tried to listen to Christian metal but I can't seem to like it. However, I have no problem with anyone listening to it.. just not for me.

    I guess its the screaming... it causes anxiety. LOL well that's what I get for being old ha!

  11. I totally understand, Rena. And I used to think it caused anxiety, but after a little getting-used-to for me, it just gives me a motivation boost instead. :) But, yeah, I understand your point. Thanks for commenting!


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