Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Lights Your Fire?

So tomorrow is the first day of spring after a long, hard winter! You know what that means? Motocross season is almost here! I am a huge motocross fan and I love riding my dirt bike!

Here are a couple of things that really get me enthusiastic about the time of year:


You know all those presents you got on Christmas that you couldn't use till summer? Well, that's kinda what that second thing is. It's handle-guards for my dirt bike that I got in the middle of winter. :P

So what's something that really gets you excited about this time of year?


  1. Ooo, sweeeeet. Mine's boring. Spring cleaning. :P

  2. Being able to open windows, not shoveling and sunlight. I'm easy to please. Have fun riding!

  3. For me, it's definitely Baseball! I love baseball! It's totally my favorite sport to watch and play, despite the fact that I live in Pittsburgh which has the worst baseball team in the country. lol :D

  4. Sounds fun! This time of year gets me excited to go CAMPING!!! and go for bike rides (not dirt bike although that would be fun!) Outdoor concerts! and when it warms up then swimming!!! Basicly anything outdoors! :D

  5. @The Other Alice That does sound boring! Haha! :D

    @Our Village is a Little Different Thanks! Yeah, I'm up for all of those! :)

    @Justin Awesome! I love watching baseball a lot!

    @CoUrTnEy Those all sound like fun! Especially the concerts! :D

    Thanks y'all for commenting!

  6. DIRTBIKE RIDING!! Oh boy, I can't wait!!! :D And Sixteen Cities... they light my fire all the time. :P

  7. Me too, Jay! Can't wait to see them again! :)

  8. We enjoy getting the kids out to the zoo when the weather is nice. We're not exactly dare devils around here; autism makes life for us daring enough LOL.

    Thanks for visiting me! :)

  9. No problem! Thanks for commenting!


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